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About Delta and Yahsat

About Delta and Yahsat

About Delta and Yahsat
Operating throughout Iraq, Delta Communications is the leading name in the importation and distribution of wireless technology and an official distributor for Yahsat.

Al Yah Satellite Communications Company or Yahsat, is a private company owned by Mubadala, an investment arm of the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Delta Communications is proud to partner alongside with Yahsat and distribute their range of exceptional products. Our sales staff has the in-depth product knowledge and provides high quality service to a constantly expanding client-base

Delta Communications is one of the premium service providers and key partners of satellite communications provider Yahsat, Nowadays customers in urban and remote areas across Iraq can now enjoy the benefits of Yahclick, the state-of-the-art broadband service that's fast and reliable. The technology of Ka-band satellite services means stronger satellite signals can be picked up by smaller satellite dishes … and this helps to substantially reduce costs to subscribers.

Our Service Department is the authorized after-sales service provider forYahClick, we offer a wide range of YahClick service plans and value-added products. Hardware and software services are bundled and we tailor-make specific market and user-segment packages to suit our clients' needs.

YahClick in Iraq
The lack of internet connectivity in Iraq has presented Delta Communications and their partners, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) , with the golden opportunity to provide a range of state-of-the-art satellite services in rural and urban environments throughout Iraq.

Iraqi consumers and businesses in areas with limited or no internet connection, will soon be able to take advantage of a unique high-speed broadband service.

Yahsat is a private company, owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi. The Mubadala group manages multi-billion dollar portfolios in the healthcare, energy, aerospace, real estate and services sectors. Some of the companies they invest in include General Electric, AMD and The Carlyle Group.

YahClick is Yahsat's high speed, low cost broadband solution, suitable for SMEs and businesses operating in remote areas.

The new Y1B satellite employs Ka-band multi-spot- beam technology that provides coverage over highly targeted areas. It's a more reliable and cost-efficient system, with terminals that can support speeds of up to 16Mbps, so shortage of high-speed bandwidth will not be an issue. YahClick's coverage targets specific regions in 28 countries in South West Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

By 2015, it's predicted that internet users in Iraq will be total around 6.7 million, with YahClick's broadband packages helping to fast-track economic development. Businesses and communities, in remote areas, will be able to operate online and interact with the rest of the world.

Delta's vision is to provide the best and widest range of telecommunications products and services to consumers and businesses and their partnership with YahClick will do just this.

YahClick Go
If your business or organisation needs transportable internet connectivity, anywhere in Iraq, our unique new product, Yahclick Go, is the perfect broadband solution. High speed, low cost and truly innovative, this broadband product is taking technology to new heights.

(P/R) YahClick will deliver reliable and affordable broadband by satellite, helping to transform communities, organisations and companies in some of the world's most underserved regions.YahClick Go's cost effective user terminals allow instant Internet access via an auto-pointing antenna, which is easily mountable on vehicles and can be operated by a single user.


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