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Consumer Service Plan (Home Plan)

Consumer Service Plan (Home Plan)

Consumer Packages Plan

Customer Packages Download "Up to" speed Upload "Up to" speed 10% FAP threshold download allowance Monthly Allowance
Home 512 512 128 300MB 3 GB
Home 1 Mbps 1,024 256 600MB 6 GB
Home 2 Mbps 2,084 512 750MB 7.5 GB
Home 3 Mbps 3,072 768 900MB 9 GB
Home 4 Mbps 4,096 768 1.2GB 12 GB
Home 5 Mbps 5,120 768 1.5GB 15 GB

Special Home Packages Plan
Customer Packages Download "Up to" speed Upload "Up to" speed 10% FAP threshold download allowance Monthly Allowance
Home7 Mbps 7.168 768 1.5GB 15 GB
Home 10 Mbps 10.240 768 1.8GB 18 GB

Customer Premises Equipment

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).The equipment will be supplied and installed by a Certified Delta Installer, at the premises of the customer. data package and network specifications .Satellite dish ( 74cm, 98cm or 120cm dishes) and bracket, LNB(Transmitter/Receiver Unit, TxRx 1 or 2 Watt),Hughes HN9200 or HN9400 Indoor Routers, Installation Voucher customer will pay just the once Customer Premises Equipment plus Installation.

Package Limits

YahClick customers have a set daily usage level and once this is exceeded their speed will be limited to 128K downstream and 28K upstream. Customers are able to monitor consumption by accessing a usage meter and notifications are sent out when their daily usage levels reach 70% 85%, and 100%.

Free Zone

Between the hours of one and five in the morning, customers can enjoy free data access. In this four-hour window they can use as much data as they wish and consumption limits will not be affected. The daily FAP limit starts again at 5:00 a.m. local time.

FAP Tokens

Customers can purchase FAP tokens in advance. These are used as account credits, can be activated as and when required and do not expire. The FAP token will reset the daily usage.

Migration between Service Plans

Customers can move at any time from one service plan to another. In this event, accounts are credited based on the number of days to the end of the month multiplied by the average cost per day of the service plan. The new service plan is then billed pro rata for the rest of the month.

Account Suspension

To accommodate customers travelling on holiday or business, YahClick allows for the suspension of accounts for a maximum of sixty days within any twelve month period.

During the suspended period, the customer’s capacity will remain booked and a charge of 20% of the subscription fee will be levied by Delta Communications.

Customers will be billed normal subscription fees once their accounts are re-activated.

Note: Where an account has been suspended due to non-payment, this option is not available.

Value-added Services

From time to time, Delta Communications will bundle the monthly service plans with value-added services like VOIP, virus protection and e-mail facilities.

Price Adjustments.

Delta Communications reserves the right to amend prices by giving customers 30 days’ written notice.

Note: Prices are affected by customs and tax changes and the US Dollar exchange rate where the payment agreement is in Iraqi Dinars.



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